Dave’s Bio and Story

Dave kauffman master disc trainer and relationship speaker

Hello, I’m Dave Kauffman, a Top 100 Keynote Speaker, Author, Trainer, Business Coach, Human Behavior Expert, and Master Trainer on the DISC model of Human Behavior. 

Also, I’m a pilot and plane owner (dreams do come true), entrepreneur, business owner, plant lover, follower of Jesus, and husband to a beautiful lady named Toni (pictured with me). 

And I’m a perfectly normal human being that has plenty of quirks (just ask Toni).

As a speaker on human behavior and relationships, I enjoy both entertaining, challenging, and enabling my audiences to bring meaningful change to their relationships. I’m humbled to have helped thousands of people discover simple and effective ways to understand themselves and others better while reDISCovering delight in relationship.

From Mennonite Farm Boy to International Relationship Speaker

In the video below I detail my story of how an Amish-Mennonite farm boy became an international speaker and why I’m passionate about what I do. Be sure to check out the photo gallery below to get to know me more.

Photos from My Story