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International Speaker and Master Trainer on the DISC Model of Human Behavior

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Top 100 Keynote Speaker, Author, Trainer, Business Coach, and Human Behavior Expert

Whether you’re in a business, church, marriage, family, or friend context, success relies on healthy relationships. As a Master Trainer (1 of only 10 in the world) of the DISC model of human behavior, Dave Kauffman has helped thousands of people discover simple and effective ways to understand themselves and others better while reDISCovering delight in relationships.

As an inspirational speaker and storyteller, Dave’s style is both entertaining and challenging. His audiences often find themselves laughing (and occasionally crying) but always leaving inspired and equipped to bring meaningful change to their relationships.

What Other’s Are Saying

David is a dynamic leader and presenter who has a knack for helping business owner, both brand new and experience, take their business to the next level. David’s greatest strength is that he recommends what he has done – and his experience in the area of implementation is priceless.

Tom Ziglar
CEO, Ziglar Inc. | Motivational Speaking | Executive Coaching | Conference Speaking

David is an awesome and passionate leader, high-level expert, and amazing person.

Pavel Verbnyak
Certified Professional Speaker | Success and Life Strategist | Corporate Trainer | Executive MBA

David is a brilliant tactician who uses relevant anecdotal references while communicating his message. He is a committed coach and an excellent speaker. I am blessed to know him as a colleague at Ziglar and grateful that he answered the call of mentoring.

Krish Dhanam
Speaker and Author

David is driven to help others succeed, whether in business or personal. He’s very knowledgeable and cares that you get it. I’d highly recommend David for any situation requiring a speaker who really cares that the audience gets it. David is an enabler.

Andre Kasberger
Entrepreneurial Spirit, Toastmaster, Relates with Curious George

Dave is someone that can truly be an asset in helping you and your business. He has first hand knowledge on what it takes to make a business successful and profitable. I would highly recommend Dave as someone that you can trust and rely on to help make your business more successful.

Ira Funderburk
Recognized Leader in Business, Sales, Management, Teamwork, and Success

David is a passionate and powerful communicator who desires to help all those he works with to Be more, Do more, and Have more! I highly recommend David. He always inspires and challenges me to grow. David always makes a difference wherever he speaks, trains, or coaches.

David Wright
Company Owner at M&MW

David has a great deal of passion for his success and the success of others around him. I attribute my success in part to my association with David and his Empowering Small Business events. I appreciate the devotion David has to helping small business owners, like me.

Scott Lazzara
Payroll/PEO/Employee, Benefits Consultant

David is meticulous in his persona and professional activities. A genuine role model groomed by the best for success.

Jeff Adams

David is a man committed to excellence and value. His overriding core values provide a trust factor rarely seen today. I would give him my highest recommendation.

Dr. Ron Eccles
CEO at ROAR & Going Vertical Coaching

David is a driven and caring worker/business owner. Always putting the customer first as he strives to create a positive experience for all involved in any situation is his priority.

Lisa-Marie Hintz
Mary Kay Independent Sales Director

David is the creator of one of the best small business conferences for growth and development. EDGEcon 2019 was a huge success!

Charlyn Fitgerald
Visionary on Steroids, Networking LinkIn Strategist, 35 Yr. Business Strategist

Ready. Set. GROW!

"You Can’t Change Your Personality, But You Can Change Your Behavior” - Dave


The DISC Model of Human Behavior is a simple, yet profound personality model that will enable you to understand the four basic personality styles and help you to better understand yourself and your unique personality blend. At the same time, you will be equipped to better relate to others in your life from a position of confidence and freedom.

Because, as Dave often says: “You’re Perfectly Normal!”

Dave's Books

Dave kauffman speaker books people centered leadership

People Centered Leadership

More and more business owners are finding and enjoying sustainable success by focusing on both great relationships and results.

Now, in People Centered Leadership, this winning strategy is broken down into how and why, along with compelling new case studies that support David Kauffman's passion for people-centered leadership. For those who are ready to embrace their role as a leader at work, in the community, or at home, Kauffman gives a simple yet powerful blueprint for the ART (appreciation, recognition, and trust) of successful people-centered leadership.

Dave kauffman books freedom to succeed inpsirational relationship speaker

Freedom To Succeed

Do books on business success, leadership, and principles all start to sound alike? Not this one.

Through his own business experience, Dave developed a unique process, the Business Diamond Assessment™, which he generously includes in this book. Nowhere else can readers learn “The Diamond Mindset” that he and his clients have proven priceless, time after time. Business owners will learn the wrong thing to be in love with, and the right thing. Kaufmann believes this will then allow you to focus on your values, nurture your family, and be more fulfilled, especially in your spiritual life. The information in this book and, most importantly, how to apply it, will give you a competitive edge and more Freedom to Succeed.

Dave kauffman books seeds christian inspirational speaker


In "Seeds" Dave relates 31 examples (parables) from growing up on the farm to teach entrepreneurial lessons. Each “lesson” reveals proven success principles for your life through stories, illustrations, and examples drawn from everyday experiences. Kauffman grew up on a large Amish-Mennonite farm and his use of vivid imagery and real-life examples makes this book not only memorable but entertaining. His work as a consultant to entrepreneurs, along with his experience owning and operating various companies allows him to infuse each farm metaphor with practical advice for business owners.

If you are open to not only learning, but also will follow Kauffman’s “Coaching Points” and make tough choices and changes, this book will enable you to achieve your most challenging goals for business growth and success.

Dave kauffmans little book on becoming a great speaker

Little Book on Becoming a Great Leader

A quick, practical read on the 10 things extraordinary leaders do and 15 things you should never do.

More and more business owners find and enjoy sustainable success by focusing on both great relationships and results. Now, in the Little Book on Becoming a Great Leader, Dave Kauffman shares the winning strategy and breaks it down into the how and the why. For those who are ready to embrace their role as a leader at work, in the community or at home, Kauffman gives a simple yet powerful blueprint with fifteen things NOT to do and ten things every great leader does.

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"Communication is the Bridge that TRUST Travels On” - Dave

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