Dr. Marie Cosgrove, PHD

When she refused to take a pay cut, Marie Cosgrove was cut loose. So she started her own business….and a few years later, bought the company that fired her.

Whether it’s everyday problems or seemingly insurmountable challenges, we all face hardships in our personal and professional lives. As a business mastermind and motivational speaker Marie Cosgrove is committed to helping you discover how to use these hardships to propel you forward towards your Greater Fortune™.

Born into poverty, Cosgrove persevered through a tumultuous upbringing and an abusive marriage; throughout it all, she raised four children on her own while struggling to make her way in the business world. Not only did she survive, she turned the lessons of adversity into advantage, becoming a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and innovator in the competitive field of medical devices. Now, she shares what she has learned –from both her successes and failures–with audiences all over the world. Marie has traveled internationally and shared her message on Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, Yahoo Finance, Market Insider, and more.

We are so excited to have Marie join us as the business expert for the 2 day retreat where she helps guide the Women's Mastermind group in discussing their challenges and reaching greater fortune.

Dave Kauffman

I'm Dave Kauffman, founder of the WarriorMinded Men's Mastermind and the WarriorMinded Women's Mastermind. I'm proud to be a top 100 keynote speaker, best-selling author, trainer, business coach, and human behavior expert. I own Empowering Small Business where I have helped train and coach 1000s of small business owners to move from being owned by their business to truly OWNING their business and reaching their dreams.

I'm also founder and host of the EDGEcon Kingdom Business Conference, owner of multiple small businesses, pilot, husband, plant lover, and a perfectly normal human being.

I'm excited about the team of brilliant business ladies that I've put together to lead the WarriorMinded Women's Mastermind. I'm also looking forward to the opportunity to coach you in your business and help you take the next step to reach the TOP!

Ready, Set, Grow!

Soraya Lloren

Hey Friends! I'm Soraya and I consider it an honor to be able to co-lead the WarriorMinded Women's Mastermind. My skills include certification as human behavior consultant (using the DISC personality model), business and life coaching, event coordination and I serve others as a virtual assistant (legal and management), and as a legal document preparer.  

I'm also an entrepreneur, business owner, music lover, daughter of the Most High, Jesus follower, grandmother to 9 amazing littles, mother of 3, and honored to be the wife of Evangelist Miguel.

As a business coach/mentor, my passion is to see my fellow business owners WIN in every phase of their life (business, personal, relationships, spiritual). I am eager to come alongside other women and assist them in building and maintaining an environment where growth happens and EVERYONE THRIVES.

Let's GROW together!

Alisha West

Hey Friend! I'm Alisha and I'm so excited to be a part of the WarriorMinded Women's Mastermind team. I am a top performing luxury real estate agent in Tampa, FL, a sales expert, an Abundance Coach, and a Keynote Speaker. My passion is to help train entrepreneurs by raising their level of awareness in the R.F.P. (Request for Prosperity). I love to aid others in creating healthier mindsets that lead to the actualization of their desired results. My expertise and training have given me the opportunity to become a trusted voice in coaching others to disseminate any thoughts or behaviors that drain and deplete. You'll soon learn that I am intentional about harboring positive thoughts because one can only become what they think in their hearts.

I'm proud to be a Certified Stage Crusher, obtaining my credentials upon completing Crush The Stage training. This is a leading program that trains and equips everyday people to impact their world through profitable speaking careers. My inspiration comes largely from motherhood and from being mentored by some of the top personal development gurus in the country. I cannot wait to be a part of your journey and to be inspired by your growth.

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Adventure and Growth For Women Business Owners

A 3 Month Mastermind with Business Coaching, Personal Development, and a 2 Day Group Retreat with Adventures

Welcome to A Transformative Mastermind for Women in Business

As a women business owner, are you overwhelmed with too many demands on your time? Are you frustrated with a gap between your goals and strategy? Maybe, you’re ready to take the next step in growth, but not sure how to start.

We get it! We’re also women in business. And that is why we’re so excited to partner with you in this phenomenal WarriorMinded Women’s Mastermind.

If you’re a female business owner that is ready to be challenged, mentored, and supported in your growth goals, this is your opportunity.

In this Mastermind, you’ll receive incredible coaching and business tips from successful business owners while also learning being coached in ways to use your skills and leadership for the Glory of God. And the best part is that all this will happen in the context of community with other women in business.

alisha west and soraya loren mastermind facilitators

Mastermind Facilitators Alisha West and Soraya Lloren

Join the WarriorMinded Women’s Mastermind today and start your journey toward greater success, higher profits, successful leadership, and better community!

The Details

  • A 3 month program of personal and business coaching that includes a 2 day group adventure/retreat
  • 1 hour each month of individual coaching and mentoring with Dave Kauffman for 3 months
  • 1 weekly group coaching session with one of the mastermind facilitators
  • Weekly coaching/business building exercises 
  • Two EdgeCon 2024 Business Conference attendance tickets
  • A copy of your choice of one of Dave Kauffman’s books
  • A copy of Alisha West’s book
  • A copy of your choice of one of Marie Cosgrove’s books
  • A two-day learning adventure in sunny Orlando, Florida with Dr. Marie Cosgrove
  • Each MasterMind group maxed out at 10 people

Meet Your WarriorMinded Coaches

alisha west kingdom business conference speaker 1

Alisha West

Facilitator and Mentor

soraya lloren mastermind facilitator 1 edited 1

Soraya Lloren

Facilitator and Mentor

dave kauffman speaker headshot 3

Dave Kauffman

Business Coach

marie cosgrove

Dr. Marie Cosgrove, PHD

Business Expert

The Adventure

A 2 Day Group Growth Retreat in Orlando Florida

adventure for womens business mastermind

The climax of the WarriorMinded Women’s Mastermind is a 2 Day Group Adventure and Retreat in Orlando, Florida. As a group we spend time at a luxurious retreat space, relax with group spa times, enjoy dinner shows at Capone’s and Medieval Times, and test our Warrior courage at the the Tree Trek. This 2 Day adventure is packed with learning and growth from times of group coaching with Dr. Marie Cosgrove and opportunities to tackle your biggest challenges as a group.

Ready to Join the Warrior Woman Forces?

If you’re interested in learning more about the WarriorMinded Women’s MasterMind fill out the form below to get in touch with us and start the application process. We’d love have a conversation to see if you are a good fit for this program and discuss the pricing. You can also call Soraya at 813-580-8920 to learn more.

Women’s MasterMind Application (#17)
Please detail why you think this program could be a good fit for you and how you think it could benefit you.